Error out of range error : CascadingNav webpart


I am trying to use CascadingNav webpart
I am getting the error : Value does not fall within expected range” error
I saw below comments in one link and tried many options, but failed with same error
Regarding the people getting the “Value does not fall within expected range” error – I wonder if they’re using WSS and downloaded the compiled webpart from the codeplex site, while others are either using MOSS or have downloaded the latest source from Codeplex and compiled it themselves. The reason behind this is that I noticed that, on Codeplex, the downloadable webpart has a Dec 07 date, but Gary Bushey updated the webpart source in Jan 08 to work with WSS as well as MOSS.
What i am doing : Adding solution--> deploying --> Activating feature --> Adding webpart to the page/Site --> it gives error ..
I tried both on MOSS and WSS.. Also with .wsp from codeplex and latest code compiled. Still i end up with same error. I tried on 3 machines.
But i am ending up with same error. Any help would be highly appreciated. I am in great need of it as i promised my client to deliver this.
Thanks a lot in advance.